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10 of puerpera food ” landmine area “

After giving birth to darling, the new mother with frail body needs compensatory nutrition, with restoring as soon as possible. But, resumptive course cannot act too hastily, make the mistake below very easily otherwise. When confinement in childbirth, the mistake on what food to make the most easily?

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1. Drink boiling water prematurely in great quantities

The family member after childbirth is little not the boiling water that warms a few nutrition to abound to the puerpera, soup of the fish that be like crucian carp, pig hoof soup, chop soup, think to be able to complement so nutrition, stimulative body recovers some earlier, still can make milk is secreted more some, make baby gets enough mother breeds.

But if the child just be born makes a puerpera many drink boiling water, make the puerpera secretes milk in great quantities easily, and the infantile tummy size that just is born is small, absorb force is poorer also, eat less also, overmuch milk is met be retarded by silt in mammary gland conduit, bring about mammary happeningBilge painful. The tit of together with puerpera is more delicate, incidental damaged, once byBacterial infectionCan cause mammary gland infection, the breast appears red, swollen, hot, painful, even fester, cause puerpera anguish not only, still can affect normal lactation.

Error correction law:

Postpartum and unfavorable urge breast prematurely, appropriate in childbirth 1 week hind increases the amount that drinks boiling water gradually, eat the need with gradual quantity in order to get used to a baby. Although be in,1 week hind also cannot drink boiling water without limit, right way with be not being causedThe breast bilges painfulFor the principle.

2. Drink hoosh to the puerpera

The hoosh that says here, it is the soup that shows the adipose content that does to the puerpera is very high, soup of the foot that be like a pig, fat chicken broth, somebody thinks such soup nutrition is rich, have effect of take a tonic to build up health most. Little imagine, puerpera edible crosses much faster adipose food, the adipose content that can make milk medium increases, and this kind of tall adipose milk cannot let a baby absorb nutrition well, make they happen easily stillDiarrhoea. In the meantime, the puerpera is absorbed overmuch tall adipose and easy cause body get fat, make the figure restores as soon as possible hard.

Error correction law:

Should drink a few clear soup that contain a lot ofthe nutriment such as protein, vitamin, calcic, phosphor, iron, zinc more to the puerpera, the broth that be like essence of life, vegetable soup, egg beautiful soup, Xian Yushang. Remind a bit, soup and flesh should eat together, such ability absorb nutrition truly.

3. Drink brown sugar Shui Taijiu

Some people feel, the puerpera is after childbirth vigour big damage, it is OK to eat a few brown sugars more body of take a tonic to build up health. Brown sugar provides good energy of life to raise blood admittedly, be good at lienal warm stomach, break up the effect that chill, invigorate the circulation of blood changes silt, can help a lying-in woman compensatory carbohydrate and enrich the blood, promoteLochiaEduction, be helpful for uterine restoration, but cannot have so many profit because of brown sugar, think to eat morer to had been jumped over.

Over-Much drinkWith brown sugar water, the tooth that meets attaint lying-in woman not only, if confined in summer puerpera is drunk too much, still can bring about desudation, make the body more frail, cause evenSuffer heatstroke. Additional, brown sugar water is drunk so that can increase the blood in lochia to measure too much, cause a puerpera to continue exsanguine, cause insteadAnaemic.

Error correction law:

The puerpera is in postpartum the time that drinks brown sugar water, with 7-10 day advisable.

4. Advanced cordial eats before Caesarean birth art

Some puerperas hear he need to do Caesarean birthOperationChildbirth, begin to eat advanced tonic especially in the engorge before the operation, if ginseng, foreign ginseng reachs fish food to wait, think such meetings make the body restores a few more quickly, lest hurt vitality. But the ginseng glucoside part that in joining kind of cordial, contains, have strong heart and excited effect, if be abused before the operation, when the operation very difficult withDoctorCooperate, blade is more incidental also ooze blood, can affect operation on the rails not only, still can affect postpartum rest. Fish contains EPA of rich organic acid material, have the effect that restrains plaque agglutinate, after going against art hemostatic cicatrization with cut.

Error correction law:

Caesarean birth art is a small operation, won’t have a lot of loss to the body, not was necessary to abuse advanced cordial.

5. Eat after Caesarean birth art bilge gas food

Some puerperas just finished laparotomy, family begins the food such as milk, saccharide, soya bean, soya-bean milk, starch. The meeting after these food edible makes alvine path produce gas, make the puerpera happensAbdominal distension. The Caesarean operation can make alvine flesh is stimulated, bring about alvine line function to suffer curb, Alvine peristalsis is decelerated, have inside alvine antrum accumulate gas, arise easily after artAbdominal distension. So, these food meet overmuch edible after art more aggravating and abdominal distension, also go against cut heal.

Error correction law:


Do not eat these bilging to enrage food to the puerpera, after 6 hours appropriate edible a few exhaust kind food, wait like turnip soup, wriggle in order to enhance bowel, stimulative exhaust. After waiting for function of bowel of 24 hours of stomaches to restore, take food stream feed 1 day, the soup that be like an egg, rice water. After puerpera exhaust, food but by stream feed instead to flow partly feed, eat rich nutrition aptly and digestible food, the soup that be like an egg, sodden congee, noodle, wonton, it is normal to resume food and drink resume food and drink gradually according to puerpera constitution next.

Woman, during be pregnant the body can produce a series of change, answer these change, pregnant woman wants reasonable arrangement the job and rest, notice nutrient complement, for the health of darling, accurate mom should understand more.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

10 kinds of females get breast cancer the most easily

10 kinds of females are the easiestBreast cancer

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1. Mammary gland hyperplasiaDo not heal for years

Mammary gland hyperplasia is a kind of slow disease. Although not be hyperplasia of each mammary gland the metropolis is evil change, but both a lot of connection between, clew people is active health care and cure.

Clew: The age in mammary gland hyperplasia bigger, medical history longer, bump bigger, bump and menstrual impact are not clear person, incidental evil change. In view of mammary gland hyperplasia likely evil change, the proposal recuperates improvement as early as possible, cannot protracted carelessness.

2. Thresh is artificialAbortionOperation

A lot of females always ask before doing stream of peopleDoctor: Does stream of people have to the body how old influence? And what they consider is general it is the injury that points to pair of bodies and ache, and the hormone change that did not realise perfunctory is right the influence of human body.

3. Commonly used hormone kind medicines and chemical reagents or cosmetic

Study a proof: Abuse is containedEstrogenKind health care is tasted, the likelihood causes breast cancer.

4. Have breast cancer familial history eliminate heredity reason and environmental element

Our everybody is a branch that that individual plant extends on giant FAMILYTREE- – the future that the healthy state of trunk can affect us on different level.

5. Not lactation or lactation are too long

6. Fat or absorb too much adipose

7. SpiritDepressed, often get angry, the mood is bad

8. Contact all sorts of radiation for a long time repeatedly (for many times radiation, computer, mobile phone)

9. Celibate not after Yo or marriage not Yo

Menarche of the menstruation 10.13 years old ago orMenopauseLate


Current female’s new physiology phenomenon, if menstrual menarche shifts to an earlier date, menopause is deferred, the incidence of a disease that did not increase breast cancer Yo late childbirth greatly. Epidemiology considers to show children nutrition is rich nowadays, abusive cordial, menstruation shifts to an earlier date generally, a few females are defer menopause to lengthen adolescent person, mammary gland suffers estrogen effect time to grow too. In addition, duration of celibate, marriage spouse of short, sex is much and the age is produced to be more than 30 years old first, grow in quantity of patient of hyperplasia of female mammary gland, although mammary gland hyperplasia is not malignant tumor, but if do not heal for a long time,possible change is breast cancer.

Accordingly, breast cancer disease learns an expert to admonish: Understand knowledge of mammary gland fitness, adjust lifestyle, cure mammary gland hyperplasia, it is the pathological changes before block breaks the cancer of breast cancer, prevent the optimal measure of breast cancer.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

Health is pregnant pregnancy is safe piece

No-no 1, do not want glasses of Dai Yin form

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The water content of pregnant woman cornea is higher than the ordinary person, be like glasses of the form that wear concealed, easy because be short ofOxygenBring about corneaOedema, cause cornea therebyInflammation, Ulcer, cause blindness finally even. In the meantime, the corneal curvature of pregnant woman also is met as be pregnant to cycle reachs individual constitution and be changed, makeMyopicdegree increases or decrease. If wear concealed constrainedly form glasses, easy because unwell and cause blood-vessel of eyeball new student to be injured apparently, bring about cornea even epithelial flake.

The water content of cornea of pregnant woman of glasses of the form that wear concealed is higher than the ordinary person, be like glasses of the form that wear concealed, easy because anoxic bring about corneal oedema, cause corneal agnail, ulcer thereby, cause blindness finally even. In the meantime, the corneal curvature of pregnant woman also is met as be pregnant to cycle reachs individual constitution and be changed, make myopic degree increases or decrease. If wear concealed constrainedly form glasses, easy because unwell and cause blood-vessel of eyeball new student to be injured apparently, bring about cornea even epithelial flake. Additional, once invisible glasses is feculent, cause a bacterium extremely easily, cause corneal agnail, ulcer, even blindness.

No-no 2, do not have chaffy dish

Eat tender chaffy dish to determine according to concerning a branch to check, the infection rate of arched bug in Yang Qun is 61.4% . The larva of arched bug often conceal is in the hotpot cell that suffers infection, and when having chaffy dish short when heat and cannot kill parasitism the arched bug inside cutlet cell is larval, the larva after taking food can cross alvine wall to diffuse along with blood in alvine path to the whole body, infect through placenta fetal, serious person can happenAbortion, Stillborn foetus, or the growth that affects fetal brain and happenSmall, big head (Hydrocephalus) or without the head wait for deformation.

No-no 3, do not wash a hot bath

Wash a hot bathHigh feverCan cause death of fetal nerve cell, make amount of cranial nerve cell decreases, and after cranial nerve cell dies, be cannot reborn, can rely on a few colloid cells to replace only. These colloid cells lack the physiology function of nerve cell, affect intelligence and other head function consequently, make the childIntellective and low, reaction force is poor.

No-no 4, cannot fill in great quantities calcium and cod-liver oil

A large number of filling calcium and cod-liver oil are long-term and much edible cod-liver oil and calcic qualitative food, can causeAnorexia, the skin is scratchy, Hair falls off, Hypersensitive, Pop-eyedEtc. In the meantime, calcic chroma is exorbitant in blood, meeting occurrence muscle is weakFaint, VomitAndRhythm of the heart is wrongEtc, these is opposite fetal growing do not have advantage. Some is fetal when be delivered of already bud teething tine, besides the cause of infantile precocity, because pregnant woman is between gestation,another may be, a large number of takingVitamin AWith calcic preparation or the provision that contain calcium to pledge, make fetal tooth follicular premature inside palaceCalcificationAnd bud goes out. If need because of treating a disease, answer to be taken by doctor’s advice.

No-no 5, accurate mom avoid catchs give or have a permanent wave

Catch give or have a permanent wave best when be pregnant after 3 months, because be pregnant before 3 months fetal be worth organic development period, cause deformation the most easily. Should decrease as far as possible acquire the number of hair, lest accumulate medicaments causes an effect. Catch hair or marcel to be able to handle a hair only medium, end paragraph part, the absorption that reduces scalp medicaments or it is allergic.

No-no 6, cannot raise pet

The bosom does not contact puppy during pregnant, catch a disease in case, especiallyArched bug is ill. Anyhow, want to avoid to be contacted with puppy, include by puppy (especially excrement and urine) contaminative thing.

No-no 7, pregnancy should put home appliance radiate

Research report points out recently, pregnant woman uses computer of 20 hours of above every week, itsAbortionRate increase 80% , also increase oaf birthrate at the same time. Our country is right of 25 provinces, city, municipality medical X line profession suffers radiation personnel to make investigation, discover fertility-rate, infecund rate does not have apparent difference, butAbort naturallyFrank, Much embryoRate, new student mortality is apparent prep above contrasts group. The occurence rate of 20 kinds of congenital deformation and hereditary disease, professional radiate group and contrast constituent is 9.1 ‰ and 4.2 ‰ , statistical processing has showing difference.


The viewpoint thinks, with pregnant age 6 weeks former radiation sensitivity is highest, and small dose illuminate is caused fetal reach functional development to send deformation, with gravid 8 to 15 weeks fetal suffer ionization radiate to produce children intelligence low dangerous sex is the biggest. A few experts think the danger of 3 months compares gravid head gravid medium, terminal danger is gotten greatly much. Also some scientists put forward, pregnant woman should avoid to receive in before 3 months that conceive pregnancyGet an electric shockMagnetism radiate.

Because be when embryo inside the mother’s body when, more sensitive than growing up to the noxiousness action of harmful element, get after electromagnetism radiate, will produce undesirable effect. If be,form in embryo period, get electromagnetism radiate, if be,bring about abortive; likely form in the organ period, producing deformation possibly in the organ of development. Although be in fetal development period, if get radiation, injure central nervous system possibly also, bring about infantile intelligence low.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

5 kinds of post of exchange are needed before pregnant!

To improve population quality, realize prepotent actor Yo, when the woman of some professions post is considering to become pregnant, temporary change works post.

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As ceaseless development of the society, in the job that more and more females add all trades and professions, become professional woman. Partial woman is versed in material of chemistry of taller pH indicator is contained in making an environment, affect reproductive function of the female, affect fetal healthy growth then, because this is,improve population quality, realize prepotent actor Yo, when the woman of some professions post is considering to become pregnant, temporary change works post.

The woman of post of the following profession should transfer working station:

(1) is receivedGet an electric shockFrom radiant type of work

Study the result makes clear, ionization radiate is right fetal for it is invisible murderer, can damage badly fetal, can cause monster, congenital I even model andStillborn foetus. So, osculatory industry produces radioactivity material, the personnel that the radiation that is engaged in production of ionization radiate research, television and medical treatment branch works, all answer to transfer working station temporarily.

(2) is certain and special type of work

Often contact the metal such as lead, cadmium, mercury, can add gravid womanAbortionWith the possibility of stillborn foetus, among them methylic mercury can send monster, lead can cause a babyIntellective and low2 vulcanization of; the organic matter such as carbon, xylene, benzene, benzine, can makeAbortionLead heighten, the baby that chloric ethylene can make woman place strange is congenitalGawkishLead heighten. Because of this professional workingwoman of these post, answer to move exchange labor to plant before pregnant.

(3) contacts chemistry closely

Agricultural production cannot leave pesticide, and a lot of pesticide already confirmed is to be able to endanger woman and fetal health, cause miscarriage, Slink, fetal deformation, Mental retardation. Accordingly, rural woman answers to should be far from pesticide since preparative conception. Should strengthen town enterprise workwoman especially defend.

(Exercise of 4) high temperature, oscillatory exercise and noise pass great type of work

Consider to make clear, working environment temperature is exorbitant, or oscillatory very drama, or noise is too big, all can be opposite fetal growth development causes undesirable effect, accordingly the career woman of these post should transfer station temporarily, in order to ensure mother baby health.

(5) medical worker


Especially certainSection officeclinicalDoctor, nurse: This kind of personnel is during contagion is popular, often contact closely with the patient that has all sorts of virus infection, and these virus (basically beNettle rashVirus of virus, flu virus, afterbirth of large and small) the meeting is right fetal cause serious harm. Accordingly, clinical public health worker becomes pregnant in the plan or if early pregnant phase is worth popularity of virus sex contagion during, had better strengthen ego health protection, take strict precautions against virus harm.

Yo small stick person: The remain of some harm material inside body period can be as long as a year of above, although leave this kind of post, become pregnant on unfavorable also horse, send monster easily otherwise, reason should be adopted avoid appropriately protect measure. After discovery is pregnant, bubble of embryo of bed of oosperm, move and inchoate and embryonic likelihood already were sufferred invade, reassume avoids when protecting measure to be late already.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

Pregnant woman eats seafood to be able to alleviate more pregnancy is depressed

Pressure of modern female sexual life is mixed and actuating pressure is very great, when be pregnant the mood also can differ of degree get the influence of pressure, according to investigation, the woman that has 10% near waits for a problem because of family, economy, suffer from inevitably on level is differentDepressed disease. The expert expresses, Depressed diseaseAim mom to cause harm of huge body and mind not merely, what also can affect the health of darling and family is harmonious.

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Uneasiness of pregnant woman mood or bring about fetalHarelipped

If pregnant lying-in woman is only now and thenDepressed, and can adjust the word that come over very quickly, criterion the question is not big. But if the symptom is very frequent, duration is very long, and pregnant puerpera cannot if oneself are overcome, need to take seriously adequately and be treated in time.

Pregnancy is depressed disease is very big to fetal influence. The mood of pregnant woman is uneasy, the abrupt change that may cause fetal lip distortion, occurrence jaw to crack psychosis of pregnant woman of sexual harelip; , can make pallium and splanchnic the balance relation between is maladjusted, cause circulatory system function disorder, bring about placenta inchoate come off, cause fetal death even.

Pregnant woman is long-term and depressed can make the baby appears after be born body function is maladjusted, especially digestion appears easily disorder.

Additional, Postpartum and depressedDisease can cause Mu YingAffection obstacle, your baby head 3 months occurrence act is difficult, baby relativelyNervous, satisfy lesser, easy exhaustion, and the baby that the movement develops undesirable; to be opposite 1 year old or so, can hamper its know new mother of ability and disposition development;’s long-term depressed disease to be able to make the child the ability of childhood period and cognitive index all remarkable the child under healthy woman.

Ego is diagnosed

Two big symptoms: Eat ceaselessly or do not want to eat

If be pregnant you, a when discover oneself have the following symptom or a few, that can want beware of pregnancy depressed had pestered the upper part of the body to come: Angst;Insomnia; neurosis, move of overworked of easy huffish; is sharp; keeps wanting to have a thing, happy without; a bit also feeling also does not have appetite of flat perhaps a bit, carry to what do not remove interest; to feel depressedly very intense, or duration is very long.


Express according to the expert, conceive the marked change of level of the hormone inside the body between pregnancy, can adjust in influence cerebra the change that the nerve of the mood passes element, make accurate mom easier than before feel anxiety, the body plus pregnancy is unwell let angst feel double; and psychological element basically is anxious namely pressure, cannot get good dredge, cause depressed disease.

As Yo of knowledge gain ground, a lot of mom had realised scientific Yo the importance that grows to child health, every parents should offer the child proper care, do good parent the main job in this life! !

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

Preserve one’s health of 30 years old of wives: Do not be eager to getting up

Female appearance of 30 years old appears special health, but actually all function of the body wander between maturity and consenescence however. If you still are spending youth 30 years old desperately, the body can issue protest to you. Dietetics home, psychologist and psychopathy expert were woman of many years old 30 technically to prepare the following clew, your just as well tries.

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Clew one: Do not be eager to getting up

After awaking in the morning, lie on his back first, extend body, next limb touchdown, extend extend a back, give rachis put apart ” come to ” time.

Clew 2: Want movement every day

Scamper about, crouch station couchant a station, around to control brandish brandish arm to wait. Exhaust every day can the ground does these movements to conduce to carry bodily form, improve haemal circulation.

Clew 3: Little by elevator

Above falls 6 minutes on edge stair every day, can make you maintain expression to fly upwards so.

Clew 4: The attention walks attitude

When be in the home or taking a walk in the park, hold out a chest to go, this is very effective to carrying bodily form. If walks usually also such, can use up times more quantity of heat.

Clew 5: Ease mental pressure

Below 3 simple regulation can help you ease daily mental pressure.

Breath is smooth: When the be swayed by one’s emotions, we can cannot refrain from ground screen lives breath, pressure of this can aggravating spirit.

Correct a pose: Mental pressure can let us graduallyBow-backed, rapidly unbend, like asing if to drop one caboodle heavy thing from the discharge on the shoulder.

Normative behavior: Even if also wants to remember well below the circumstance that did not hope almost: You can change current bad condition, make develop to good way.

Clew 6: Laugh at a mouth to often leave

Laugh to have surprise effect to enhancing immune system, can adjust already the mood, can use up quantity of heat again.

Clew 7: Not sedentary

The edge sees TV edge do some of simple gymnastics. When the job, do not call the colleague from other room come over, go by personally however.

Clew 8: Great society

The odds little in part that the person of sociability falls ill than dissocial person.


Clew 9: Meal hind clears away a kitchen first

After eating a meal, do not sit down immediately or lay down rest, can clear away dish of the mensal, bowl that wash rinse first, work a dot again. As a whole, meal hind forces him to move 15 minutes.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

The breast after be pregnant can produce what change

After be pregnant, as a result of heighten of level of the hormone inside pregnant woman body, the gland bubble inside mammary gland organization and gland are in charge of ceaseless hyperplasia, of the breast hypodermic and adipose gradually deposit, make mammary appearance had very big change. Original inside January, pregnant woman can feel the breast has a place slightlyBilge painful, and become particularly sensitive. Increase as month, tit and breast are dizzy also can become bigger and bigger, color little becomes deep, can turn a jujube into black until pregnant is terminal. Some pregnant woman are pregnant 20 week hind, what still can secrete a few amounts from the tit is galactic, these are to be in prepare for the lactation henceforth.

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From the point of the exterior, those who accompanying a breast is puffy, the distance between or so tit begins to broaden gradually, double breast begins to alar and patulous flagging. Besides the change of appearance, because the skin all round the breast lacks flexibility and pulling force, of double breast outside side appears likely still a few gravid grain.

For mammary health, also for beautiful and forceful, pregnant woman from be pregnant remove the breast that is about to begin to caress oneself. Such as maintains cleanness, Dai Ge’s comfortable bust bodice to wait a moment.

Choose appropriate bust bodice

Bust bodice can be offerred to the breast be propped up reliably and help up hold in the palm, the blood of unobstructed breast circulates, its galactic to promoting exudation and the disease-resistant capacity that increase a breast have profit, still can protect a tit to won’t get abrade.

General from be pregnant the 4th week begins, pregnant woman is about to begin to notice to increase the size of bust bodice, the choice overspreads a cup of bigger bust bodice, such is helpful for that hold whole breast in the palm.

Cleanness nurses

Be pregnant after 5 months, if,should swab tit; via commonly used clear water titScabbyWhen keeping clear of hard, still can besmear first on the plant is oily, clear water of the reoccupy after waiting for scabby bate is cleaned, skin of the embellish on the besmear after be being swabbed clean is oily, in case postpartum because little baby is frequent,the ground is sucked and chap.

The tit caves nurse


The hollow of the tit is in shelter evil people and practices very easily, often must keep clean so. After entering bath, hold a tit with big toe and forefinger, pull several times outside gently.

Woman, during be pregnant the body can produce a series of change, answer these change, pregnant woman wants reasonable arrangement the job and rest, notice nutrient complement, for the health of darling, accurate mom should understand more.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

Pregnancy nutrition piece – invigorator

What commonly used Chinese traditional medicine is to allow mom to be banned absolutely those who use?

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In commonly used Chinese herbal medicine, accurate mom should be banned those who use is the safflower that invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu intention, motherwort, peach kernel, and horn of the pieplant of justifiable gas action, black, property of a medicine compares violent croton, realgar, still muskiness, borneol, clove waits.

Commonly used in officinal in, accurate mom cannot use also have a few absolutely, be like6 gods bolus, Bezoar is alexipharmic piece, loose red, Drop dozen of bolusAndThe injury is wet acetanilide creamEtc. Because these medicaments can quicken the haemal circulation of accurate mom, stimulate an uterus, can cause an uterus to contract strongly, bring about fetal be short ofOxygen, development is undesirable, cause likely evenSlinkOrAbortion.

Does accurate mom need not to need inject vaccine?

For in principle, vaccine had better inject before be pregnant, be pregnant again after producing antibody. But fall in certain and special situation, accurate mom should inject immediately, prevent more severe case to happen. These special situations include:

1) is bitten by the dog. Accurate mom is bitten by the dog, cause likelyHydrophobic, and sufferred from hydrophobic mortality extremely tall, accordingly, accurate mom should inject immediately wild dog is vaccinal.


2) happening is serious traumatic. After getting hurt, once affectTetanicBacillus, bring about accurate mom probably to suffer from on tetanic, because this should be seasonable inject tetanus is vaccinal.

Accurate mom should not hit and a few vaccine do not need to hit under: HivesVaccinal, BCG vaccine, Whooping coughVaccinal, second head vaccine and vaccine drifting a head.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

The woman treats menstruation to defer should serious

Menstruation defers the perturbed in can letting popular feeling really, especially to before period all the time very regular female. It is OK that menstruation defers the consideration is the following 4 kinds of circumstances:

1, be pregnant can be in in menstruation menstrual defer after 7 days, usable ” pregnant knows early to try ” fluid of test make water, if be masculine gender to be pregnant very likely, “Pregnant knows early to try ” show negative criterion conversely. But if be a few symptoms that are pregnant to also can have other,be like, Disgusting, The breast bilges painfulEtc. Final of course measure is to arriveHospitalDoB exceedsExamination. .hzh {display: none; }

2, Medicamentsside-effect if, take for a long timeUse contraceptiveThe endocrinopathy after medicine, also can cause menstrual delay. WithDoctorAccording to the patient report returns discovery, new generationStomachDynamical medicine bite Lin renownMuch Pan establishs ketoneCause possibly also. As a result of bite Lin passes through hematic head protective screen not easily, reason is thought its are right centreMuch cling to amineSuffer body not to have inhibition. Centre is much cling to amine suffers body to be restrained, causeLeave grave headThe quantity that releases the page before factor enters pituitary body decreases, excretive of the leaf before reason hypophysis closes to sexual gland hormone and hurried are coriaceous hormone decrease, bring aboutStop classicsReach oviposit defer to wait.

3, OperationBe like,cause, palace antrum operation is causedPalace neck adhesionAnd send classics blood Yu to stay, make menstruation is deferred thereby.

4, nutrient condition.

5, mental element: Be like exceedingNervous, sadness, joyance waits the unusual wave motion of the mood a moment to disturb the regular job of central nervous necessarily, affect what change to decision menstruation therebyOvarianFunctional adjusting control, make menses disorder.

6, the working requirement of the outside, the change such as surroundings and climate: Daily life daily life does not have the rule, rise early to sleep late rest bad, or climate is abrupt sexual super-cooling, overheat, menstruation of metropolis abigail sex is disorder. To you this kind of circumstance suggests to make relevant inspection to the hospital as early as possible. Make clear the active cure after the pathogeny.

7, accept the harmful ray, medicaments that change cure for a long time to wait to be caused possibly alsoOvarian premature senility, menstruation is deferred. Notice ovarian protection, slant to the age old woman () of 40 years old of above, menstruation comes tardy tide eliminates otherUterusInside velar pathological changes, because ovarian function drops gradually,cause more, clinical can not make special treatment.


Lotus of card of lily Li Lian

Be aimed at female constitution technically, choose the meritorious service that the filling kidney beneficial of raspberry enrages, match with ” the beautiful that enrich the blood is tasted “Donkey-hide gelatinReach haveMethod of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the bloodEnrich the blood, defer consenescenceMulberry, can use at treating kidney to enrage inadequacy, Gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is weak, the filling gas, work along both lines that raise blood. In addition, wild jujube is had raise a heartCalm the nerves, the function that improves Morpheus, dai Daihua is OKRegulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to itWide in Jie Yu. All burden cooperate to use, can help the kidney after helping cycle of recuperation female physiology up enrage inadequacy and gasDeficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by itWeak, the complexion decline that after improving female physiology cycle, often appears is yellow. Swimmy. Palpitation. Insomnia. Empty of arteries and veins is fine wait for a symptom, alleviate effectively period syndrome, for the next time menstruation prepares; Have embellish skin at the same timeRaise coloureffect, after combining female menstruation 7 days hormonal secrete a circumstance, quicken the body circulation of each organ blood and trash metabolization, improve the metabolism of blood red cell, strengthen the function defending water of dermal cell, achieve the result that embellish of look of good beautiful body model, water skins.


Bright hotpot 250 grams, rice 100 grams, Green, Ginger, salt each are right amount. hotpot abluent, cutPiece, with rice, green, ginger, salt, boil congee with groovy method, to hotpot ripe sodden.

Effect: Filling gas, raise blood, acetanilide. Apply to the female that menstruation defers.


Pigskin 1000 grams, yellow rice or millet wine 250 milliliter, white sugar 250 grams. Will after pigskin is abluent mincing, add right amount water, withSlow fireStew to juice sticky stiff, join white sugar, yellow rice or millet wine can. Daily 2, rush with boiled water after changingLukewarm take.

Effect: Raise hematic beneficial shade, grow kidney raises liver. Can treat woman deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by itLack of power, menstruation is deferred wait for disease, to lumbar leg ache person the effect is much better.


Clew: If only now and then 1, 2 times menstruation adjourns, and without other accompany a symptom, do not belong to menstrual ill category. When menstrual cycle interval is as long as 35 days of above person call menstruation sparse hair, stop to be called via exceeding 3 menstruation cycleAmenorrhoea. Because ofAmenorrhoeaHindNot oviposit, still can bring aboutOsteoporosis, the film inside the uterusProliferousWait for a problem, must cause take seriously. Should have comprehensive examination to the hospital instantly.

Menstruation is late, say fortunately without other different shape, basically be nutrition did not catch up with, or too overworked; is accompanied other disease needs to consult a doctor. After all, menstruation is deferred is a signal, female friends do not ignore it, a bit more serious to oneself, a bit more responsible to the family.

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5 bad habits make you old fast

Why to have some of feature during the female looks to still resemble an university, and does another some of female look than actual age at least old 10 years old? Protect skinExpress with the cosmetologist, basking is the culprit that brings about furrow and splash more. The United States ” Yahoo female net ” newest carry civil point out, a lot of and undesirable habit in daily life also can quicken consenescence.

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  1. RelapseReduce weight.

   Be sure to notice to be apart from last plan reducing weight must have time of 1 year. Exceeding reduce weight conduce to decrease suddenly in a few weight inside week, but this also can be brought aboutThe skinAppear ” drawing spot ” , still can make body metabolism becomes slow, harm evenHeart. DecreaseHeavy tooStill can bring about countenance more gaunt, prematurely senile.

   2. life rhythm fast, pressure is great.

   Too much pressure, AngstAdd forehead wrinkle with anxious meeting, bring aboutFatigueLack of power. Should giveAdrenalRest opportunity, the society alleviates through natural method pressure. Exercise gem gal or deep breathing skill, conduce to better the palm dominates the life.

  3. Often miss fitness.

   In gymnastical process, now and then miss 9 timesWithoutClose critical, but often miss fitness to train to be able to bring about muscle strength and endurance to be decreased greatly. If be not smoked really,give time fitness, might as well do a few take exercise simply. Be like, go quickly 20 minutes or skip wait 10 minutes. Even if of break up the whole into parts small take exercise, same can significant improvement is metabolic, accelerate haemal circulation.

   Before 4. sleeps notDischarge makeup.

   Taking all over the face it is beautiful that cosmetic falls asleepThe look is bigAvoid. Because cosmetic can jamPore, prevent the necessary rehabilitate that skin cell comes down one day to need. Accordingly, what should try to increase skin cell is newer. To maintain the skin young, should clean to the skin every night, massage and add wet.

  5. KneadEyeEyeball.


   Eye ministry skin produces furrow the most easily. Often chafe eye ministry can quicken consenescence of eye ministry skin. When when eye ministry need rests or feeling fatigue, can use lukewarm towel hot compress, also can use lukewarmTeaBag hot compress, achieve the goal of subsidence of a swelling.

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